Friday, December 10, 2004

About the name

Why the name and what does the name mean?

Let me try to explain:-

'Day after day,day after day,
We stuck,nor breath nor motion,
As idle as a painted ship,
On a painted ocean'

This is an extract from one of the few poems I have read and liked 'The rime of the ancient mariner' by Samuel Taylor Colleridge.

This more or less sums up my life so far.Right now,it is stuck and doesn't seem to be moving anywhere after 20 years of a smooth journey.

Some questions remain unanswered though:-

1.)Where is the albatross which ensured a smooth journey till now.

2.)When did I kill it to reach such a pitiable state?

3.)Or is it still there and I am just disillusioned.

Well,as you can see,my blog will be a collection of arbitrary thoughts and nothing serious or humorous should be expected of it.