Monday, September 18, 2006


Invariably when I get up in the morning there are a couple of things I do instinctively now.

Get up and face my right hand side with my eyes closed.
Then get up.
Sit on the edge of my bed for around 5-10 minutes.
Take a brush, squeeze some toothpaste out and put it across the brush hair.
Put on my computer.
Go towards the BOGS(Bathroon of graduate students) and run the tap, wash my face and start brushing.
Walk back towards my room, and log onto orkut and gtalk.
Then go back, finish my brushing, wash face, get back to room and then check my orkut account.

Today morning, I do exactly the same thing but the last two steps are incomplete. I realise, I have deleted my orkut account yesterday and it is for real. No joke, nothing. Orkut believed me when I told them, I wanted to delete the account. It was not like,"Hey Chintu!! He is one fickle minded person. He must be kidding." I felt as if something were missing.

That made me wonder, how addicted I had grown to such a thing. An inconsequential thing of course orkut is. And then I wondered there are so many more people who are equally or a little less addicted to Orkut. Well, is it worth it? For me, it has been, I got some very important people with whom I had lost contact completely through this, and got back in touch with them. And got to tell things which I wouldn't normally have. :D

Its boring without orkut for me, speaks volumes about my social life. But it was not to excite myself that I deleted the account. And the magnitude of addiction I have for orkut and certain people, I will come back soon enough.

Till then, hope everything stays the same.

STATUS UPDATE: I am past my addiction on many things, except orkut.