Thursday, September 02, 2010

The essays

Its been a couple of weeks since I am writing essays, and the process is interesting, and I wouldn't be sad whatever the result be, as I went through this process of self-evaluation. There have been times in the process when I felt depressed(no exaggeration) and there have been times when I realised I had done something that I had never thought of earlier. The process of self-discovery has been very satisfying so far.

I also gave my TOEFL, absolutely no idea how it went. TOEFL is not half as well organised as GMAT, with a person sitting within 5 meters of me, and people all speaking at the same time.

The Pakistan cricket incident has saddened me, though not surprised me. I somehow do not understand why does Pakistan cricket always get stuck in controversies such as these. And needless to say, thousands of who's it Aussies have come up with allegations of being approached by Indian bookies and fixers. My only suggestion to Aussies is do not come to India, we are corrupt, please stay in Australia, we aren't looking forward to you in IPL.