Monday, December 18, 2006

Monday, October 30, 2006


I am a movie buff, watched so many movies, and most of my favorite movies, more than a few times. But no movie, simply no movie I have seen touches Gunda. Gunda is a movie which is on a different plane. It is the best movie ever made.

Genre of the movie: It can be called a musical, as it has a lot of violens and saaks
It can be a science fiction with automated auto rickshaws, automated ambassador cars, automated bazooka shoots.
A surreal movie for the actual depth of the dialogues.

Imagine this, a group of villains, introducing themselves.

Bulla: Mera naam hai Bulla, rakhta hoon main khulla
Chutiya: Mera naam hai chutiya, achhe achhon ki khadi karta hoon main khatiya
bulli kahaan hai teri ungli
bulla bhai ab hoga halla gulla
police aur hukumat karegi
hai bulla hai bulla
sab bolenge hai chutiya hai bulla
dhundo dhundo kahaan hai chutiye
pakdo pakdo kahaan hai bulla
Pote: Mera naam hai Pote
Jo apne baap ke bhi nahi hote
Jaljalla jaag utha hai
Sabko pata chalega ki gangwar start ho chuka hai
Ab laashein aise tapkengi jaise nanhe munhe bache ki nunhi se pishaab tapakta hai
Chutiya: Bhaiya Nunni
Imbu hatela: Mera naam hai imbu hatela
Maa meri chudail ki beti
Baap mera Shaitaan ka chela
Khaayega kela?
Chutiya: Haan

The most emotional scene ever:
Bullas sister dies. Bulla talking to her corpse.

Munni meri behen munni tu mar gayi?
Lambu aata ne tujhe lamba kar diya?
Maachis ki tilli ko khamba kar diya?
Maine kya kya khwaab dekhe the tere liye
300 ladke the tere liye
Ekdum chikne
Jo tujhe bhaata
Tu ussi se shaadi karti
Par tu to katela gurda yaani ki murda ho gayi

The strongest dialogue ever where redundancy gets redundant:
Kala Shetty: Main lambu aata ke bhai kundan ko laaya hoon
Kundan: Main Lambu aata ka bhai kundan hoon
Kala Shetty: Agar tu lambu aata ka bhai hai, to hum bhi kuch kam nahi hain.

The imaginative characters, namely Shankar, Bulla(who keeps it Khulla), the gay vitamin sex tablets eating Chutiya, the not made for Baap Pothey, Imbu Hatela, the bibliographical Lambu aata, the matter of fact Kala Shetty, make for a interesting watch. More importantly, every two dialogues in the movie rhyme.

Surreality and attention to detail, thy name is Kanti Shah(director of the movie)

Rating 20 stars of 5

Sunday, October 29, 2006


After the disaster in the form of the last blog, I had announced my retirement from active blogging to myself. But it would take more than one disaster to end it I thought, so thought maybe today would be the last one.

Well, I haven't talked about myself in these blogs yet. And I am not going to do it in the near future, if someone could suggest me a topic to blog on, please do it. I shall try to do it.

Monday, September 18, 2006


Invariably when I get up in the morning there are a couple of things I do instinctively now.

Get up and face my right hand side with my eyes closed.
Then get up.
Sit on the edge of my bed for around 5-10 minutes.
Take a brush, squeeze some toothpaste out and put it across the brush hair.
Put on my computer.
Go towards the BOGS(Bathroon of graduate students) and run the tap, wash my face and start brushing.
Walk back towards my room, and log onto orkut and gtalk.
Then go back, finish my brushing, wash face, get back to room and then check my orkut account.

Today morning, I do exactly the same thing but the last two steps are incomplete. I realise, I have deleted my orkut account yesterday and it is for real. No joke, nothing. Orkut believed me when I told them, I wanted to delete the account. It was not like,"Hey Chintu!! He is one fickle minded person. He must be kidding." I felt as if something were missing.

That made me wonder, how addicted I had grown to such a thing. An inconsequential thing of course orkut is. And then I wondered there are so many more people who are equally or a little less addicted to Orkut. Well, is it worth it? For me, it has been, I got some very important people with whom I had lost contact completely through this, and got back in touch with them. And got to tell things which I wouldn't normally have. :D

Its boring without orkut for me, speaks volumes about my social life. But it was not to excite myself that I deleted the account. And the magnitude of addiction I have for orkut and certain people, I will come back soon enough.

Till then, hope everything stays the same.

STATUS UPDATE: I am past my addiction on many things, except orkut.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

The Play within the play

I never happened to watch a play after I started understanding things, the only play I had watched was a play from Malgudi days, with the main character being played by Shankar Nag. That was ages ago, when I had barely started differentiating the king from the queen. And I remember it was an open-air theatre and quite amazing the performance was. Though didn't understand much of it. It was about some illicit relationships, etc.

Just a few weeks back, getting to know about this Metro Plus Drama festival from one of my friends, I decided to rekindle(??) my interest in professional drama watching. Something apart from the college dramas.

The first drama we went to, was called "The Shadow Box". A Pulitzer award winning play, it dealt with three different people all suffering from cancer, terminal stages, and their struggles with cancer, and how it is quite impossible for their near and dear ones to come to terms with this sad but inevitable fact.

This play was good, with almost everyone performing well. An actor by the name Ram was exceptional. There was a newcomer, who fumbled a little, but his role was quite small and insignificant I would say.

Totally impressed by the play, we decided to go for the next play, "Othello". This used "the play within the play" concept. Probably if I knew Othello, I would have enjoyed this more. But speaking the truth, I hated the play, though enjoyed the play more than the first one.

The best thing about the play was the final Kathakali adaptation, the only part which I liked, but surprisingly, I had forgotten what happens in the play.

What I decided was plays are good, but to be a good actor, you must know the language well, and whatever we do, English would always remain an alien language for us. If the play were in a regional language or Hindi, I am sure, the plays would be very brilliant. They say Kannada, Marathi and Bengali theatre in India is amazing. Since Kannada and Marathi seem to be two languages which I understand, and Kannada I understand well. I hope to be watching a Kannada play soon. Probably in Ranga Shankara. Some of the best actors I have heard come from Kannada theatre. Hopefully get to watch them scene.

Things I know:
Marathi theatre is very experimental
Kannada theatre is very orthodox but much more intelligent and intense
Bengali theatre is awesome, but I wouldn't understand anything. Bengalis have art running in their blood.

Things I expect:
A good experience

Things I don't expect:
Painful audience

Things I learnt:

First play: Its easy to be friends with a person when he/she is doing fine. But when they are not doing well. They puke, they wet their pants, they don't look good, if you still feel like going near them, and if possible help them, then only then they are someone you can think of being friends with forever. A friend is for a general case. It could well be a spouse as well.

Second Play: Its difficult to understand when an Assamese speaks in a brit accent.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Sad or Happy?

Invariably there are two kinds of movies or books, Sad or Happy. I wonder what do I like more? I am a happy go kind of person. I have never worried about anything so far in life, I used to, but that was almost 10 years back. Now I somehow, couldn't care less about anything. So what kind of books or movies do I like?

Now this is what I hear people talk, when they see a comedy movie,"Hey, to make someone laugh is infinitely tougher than to make you cry. It is easy making a sad movie, kill someone."

When I see a sad movie, people say, "Hey, this is one of the best movies I have seen, depressing, can get you sad, can make you cry, loved the movie."

(Please note a movie can easily be replaced by a book in all the cases without loss of meaning or generality).

But is this true?

I don't know, is making someone laugh much tougher than making someone cry. I don't know, I am not sure. I have seen people ready to laugh much more than be sad. Or is it just the people I know. But the people I know watch a lot of movies, read a lot of books. People do not like showing their sad self to others. If they sulk, they do it when they are alone, if they are sad, they wouldn't like sharing it with anyone. And thats the reason probably though people laugh more than cry, it is a funny moment which they find to be tougher to come along than a sad moment.

Why is it that people's favorite movies are still generally sad movies, with probably the main character dying in the end? For me, it is because sadness has some kind of beauty to it. And dying of the main character is like poetry for people. The most appreciated movies invariably centre around the main character dying or the main character being wronged. There has to be something about pain which touches people.

I am as confused as I was at the beginnning of the post. Well, it has been a long time since I posted anything. So here comes a post.

This makes me think. R K Narayan never wrote a single short story or a novel which had a happy ending. All his books were sad, but the humor somehow dissolved it. That is what I would call a genius.

Sunday, May 28, 2006

Unjokes-> a beginners guide

A friend of mine by the name Ramasubramanium wants me to make a collection of my unjokes online so that people have access to them. Well, before I start with unjokes, let me introduce you to the concept of unjokes. Unjokes is a genre of humor which consists of jokes which are funny for the reason that they are not funny at all. And since the victim of the joke is waiting for something to happen, he is schocked by the end that nothing has happened.

Well, let us start with a dose of unjokes.

UJ1: There are four people talking.
1: My father is very tall. He is 7' tall.
2: This is nothing, my father is 8' tall
3: My father is 9' tall.
4: Ok

Yes, this is how the joke ends, by the end of this you would have realised it is very funny only because it is not funny. The best source of unjokes are generally champak and Chacha Chaudhary comics.

Now presenting to you the unjoke trilogy (thanks to Shorty and Neha who cracked this one for me)
UJ2(A trilogy):
q) What is blue and goes ding dong ding dong?
a) it is a bell, the blue was just to confuse.
q) What is black and goes ding dong ding dong?
a) it ia hair, the ding dong was just to confuse.
q) What is silver and goes ding dong ding dong?
a) it is me, silver and ding dong were to confuse.

UJ3: Now we have reached a decent level of unjokes. So let me go ahead with the next unjoke.

There was a lame person. He wanted to have a darshan of santoshi mata in vaishnodevi. When he was about to commence his journey he sees a group of pilgrims coming down.
Pilgrims: You are crippled, the path is very torturous, it was tough for us, you won't be able to make it, go back.
Lame: Well, I have full enthu, I am fulla confident. I will surely make it.
Pilgrims: Ok,carry on best of luck

He goes ahead and another set of pilgrims come.
Pilgrims: You are crippled, the path is very torturous, it was tough for us, you won't be able to make it, go back.
Lame: Well, I have full enthu, I am fulla confident. I will surely make it.
Pilgrims: Ok,carry on best of luck

He traverses more distance when he finds another set of pilgrims.

Pilgrims: You are crippled, the path is very torturous, it was tough for us, you won't be able to make it, go back.
Lame: Well, I have full enthu, I am fulla confident. I will surely make it.
Pilgrims: Ok,carry on best of luck

He traverses more distance when he finds a rishi.

Rishi: I am very pleased by your enthusiasm. I want to bless you for this. I shall reveal to you a route which would lead you to the top without being painful.
Lame: Thanks a lot, sir. Please show me the route.
The rishi reveals to him the route.

The route is beautiful, it is a garden with a special way for lame persons. And what more he had fruits on his way. He also met a surd kid on the way.
Lame: A for?
Sardar Kid: Apple
Lame: Jor se bolo
Sardar Kid:Jai Mata di.
There is a samose shop on the way as well, which is quite brilliant. Amidst all this joy etc. he reaches the top. When he reaches the top, a lightning strikes him and he is dead.

Sardar 1: Meri beti jawaan ho gayi hai
Sardar 2: To use border par bhej na

UJ 5:
q) What is koo hoo koo hoo dhik chik dhik chik?
a) It is a koel song remixed.

No enthu to type more, will be back soon with more entries

Monday, May 22, 2006

Wild Strawberries

Cynicism has left the old man all alone, he feels loneliness for the first time( I guess) at the age of 74, he is a doctor with 50 years of service now. Now he finds that he is all alone. His fiance left him when he was young to marry a brother of his. His knowledge, the doctor's intution is failing him now. He realises he has done no good for his son. He is guilty of neglecting his wife, being too cynical. He is guilty of being stone-cold towards his mother.

I hope people don't need to turn 74 to realise what they have lost out on at any point of time. An achievement is all but a moment. There are so many moments of happiness which one need not sacrifice for a moment of glory. But well, taht might be my priority and people do have different priorities. When all things fail you, it is the people around you, the goodwill you have built for yourself that shall stay with you forever. (shown in the movie)

Monday, January 30, 2006