Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Tentative list

The app process in its starting stages, and it is already taking its toll on me. I never thought that finalizing a list would be this difficult for me, given that I am normally pretty sure about my decisions. However, I have an almost final list of schools which I will be apping to.

The list is:

1) Kellogg, Northwestern University- Absolute dream(of course, I am not apping to my absolute dream now which is Stanford). I am very impressed by the culture of this school and the focus of school which is general management. I have tried to keep schools which focus on general management and have good placements for people in tech for this. With Northwestern University's prestigious tech school next to it, this is going to be a top choice for me.
2) Ross, University of Michigan- A high app again, with focus on Action based learning and it being in a college town adds to the experience. Again a high ranked school.
3) Darden, University of Virginia - A decently high app, very impressed by their school focus. Read a lot about the school making it interesting enough for me to app.
4) Duke, FUQUA - A good school and a high app, with hopefully decent chances.
5) HAAS- Berkeley. I hopefully will app to this. My consultant is of the opinion that this might have financial constraints. Hopefully this is false, because this is one of my favorite apps.
6) Indiana - I hope this is my safe app, and where I can be reasonably sure of a favorable result.
7) UNC - I hope this is a safe app as well.

Will keep detailing about the process every now and then

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