Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Arbitmost Blog

These are some of the things I plan to do in the next year:

1) Write CAT and pray to GOD that I get through.
2)Put fight to get a job.
3)Pass out by the end of the year
4)Start working on the bank balance(looks didn't work,hopefully the bank balance would)
5)Get out of engineering


Sreejith Narayanan said...

@1. Thr s nothing more you can do abt it.. but do prepare well
@2. u dont need to put fight.. u will put daa.. after all , u will end up in IIM..
@3,@5: Not a big deal. getting out of something is much easier than getting into it :)
@4. hmmm...
best wishes..

Chintamani Kurse said...

Thanks a lot for the invaluable advices, especially the fourth one, which concerns me the most

Aradhya said...
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Aradhya said...

@4. 10 gold fingers and 5 thug chains combined with a thick tam accent calling out :"dai, paavi" will work.

good bank balance is not an added advantage, it is the ONLY thing.

damn this friggin' materialistic world!

Chintamani Kurse said...

Invaluable words of wisdom coming right from the heart of the Rajnikant from Bangalore makes me look back and take note

Sreejith Narayanan said...

hey man,
I have tagged u. jst chk my blog..

Sreejith Narayanan said...

arbit most blogger. put blog..

Sreejith Narayanan said...

hey arbit most blogger.. now tht u cleared cat, put blog daa u chut

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