Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The fight starts now

2009 was the lucky year I decided to take up CAT again, after 4 long years. I did put in effort, made sure I covered up my weakness of 2005. And probably get the 2 elusive calls of 2005. But, then CAT 2009 happened. One disaster after the other, I realised the easiest way of doing an MBA from a decent college had vaporised for me. Now, starts the real fight. Have decided this year is going to be the one where I will be putting fight for a MBA app. And this is not going to be easy given my background. For people who know me, what I mean by the previous statement.

Nevertheless, a lot of things have to go into the app. First of all, the GMAT prep, then the GMAT, the app college shortlist. The final college list. The essays, the recos.

I will try to keep this updated at each step.

Currently step 1 is done, booking a GMAT date, June 12th will be the day. Also, have a rought shortlist. Needs mending though.


Octa said...

Best of luck, guru!

Vinay said...

Best of luck and may the blogging continue

Chintamani said...

Thanks both of you :) Just back from Gokarna.