Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Techie for MBA

The most frequently asked question in every application form to a MBA course is 'Why MBA?'

This is an interesting question with a very obvious answer. People do MBA to either diversify or to progress faster in their chosen field. Depending on what is their answer, they elaborate while trying not to say to make money using keywords like learning, real world, corporate world, and at the same time using the word community service.

Nevertheless, I must think of an appropriate answer to this question. I know why I want to do an MBA, but at the same time, how do I express it is the question. Any inputs with respect to this?


Vinay said...

One suggestion :

Write down the actual reason you are doing an MBA as lucidly and elaborately as possible.

Now share this with others and worry about how to communicate it right

Chintamani said...

Precisely what I was thinking, but somehow, I feel the point is getting the reader to understand my point of view!

What you said is a good input! Will use it.