Monday, June 07, 2010

Random updates

The very first essay in my application process has been submitted. Now it is Reliance's turn to evaluate how I have done. I am not particularly happy with what I wrote though. The topic is 'How do you aspire to shape India's future?'. And the world limit was a mere 250 words which was criminal.

Have realised a couple of things:
1) My work has made me a very bad writer. I write so bad that I can't get ideas across effectively any more.
2) Come what may, sometimes it becomes very difficult to get your actual point through in a B-School essay. They want to see a lot of things due to which a lot of your own points sound very made up, though it might not be.

Getting my essay read by Octa has been very helpful, as he comes up with the exact opposite view to mine. And that gives a new perspective.

BTW, my GMAT date is 6th July, not many days left, and am not very happy with my preparation. Along with this, have an interview(hopefully) on 12th June, 2010.

Working with CRY, we conducted a survey on the problems faced by parents and consequently the children around Madiwala(this is the area I work in). The problems faced are as expected, the teacher doesn't come to school, she decides to visit once in a while. The children aren't taught anything apart from the letters of the Kannada alphabet, and numbers upto 100. The doctor who is supposed to make a monthly visit hasn't done that in the past 8 months, but the register monitoring this is signed every month. I am finding it very difficult to think of something that needs to be done with respect to all this.

Having a very busy time these days, when thinking about the app process takes most of my time when not working. How about you guys?(The two or three guys who read this blog)


Octa said...

Now it is Reliance's turn to evaluate how I have done

Reliance ah??

Chintamani said...

Yes sir, that's who is checking it out first!