Tuesday, July 06, 2010


Gave my GMAT today. The experience was a new one for me. As an Indian, I am not used to exams being conducted so professionally and without any problems.

Checked in at 8:30 am for my 9:00 am appointment. I was the last to check in, the rest had checked in by 8:15 am. As I moved in and started reading my question for the AWA section, was irritated by the loud sound of keystrokes. I didn't know if people were working on a computer or on a weaving machine. In any case, closed both my ears, which the administrator misunderstood as a call for some assistance.

I had not taken a single full length test before the actual CAT, which meant I was taking a big 'risk'. Still, I didn't think so. I had my strategy thought out in my mind. I decided to take breaks without actually taking them. For example, the first AWA has 30 minutes allotted to it, I finished it in 20 minutes, but slowed down in between ensuring I dont get tired and pressed enter only when 29 minutes were done. Once the two AWA sections were completed, I started the Quant section. I went slow in quant, but finished it in 30 minutes. I was afraid I was overconfident. However, I went further slow in VA, and that took me 65 minutes to finish, still 10 minutes ahead of time.

Once done with it, it asked for confirmation of my personal information. The administrator asked me to skip it, and I caught a glimpse of my score, I thought it was 740.

Finally, as I moved out, I was given a print out which confirmed the score. So GMAT is out of the way. I hopefully do not have to take it again. So, this input in my applications is confirmed.
[Quick update: Got a 5.5/6 in AWA, so oficially not taking GMAT again]

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