Sunday, July 11, 2010


I had been to Tirupathi, it was supposed to be a Kalyanotsavam today. But since we were there the previous night, we also decided to make it to the morning 4 o' clock sheeghra darshanam. Good decision!

The morning darshan was too good. One thing I have noticed about Tirupathi is immaterial of whether they have a crowd or not, their scout and guide team, dives for people and pushes them out. Had to shout at two of them for touching me. What a waste of energy!

I am amazed at the business model. Like LTTE ran a parallel government in Jaffna, TTD runs a parallel government in Tirupathi and Tirumala. This place is very clean for a Hindu holy place. When I entered for Kalyanotsavam, I was struck by the familiarity of the place, when I realised that this was the route by which I entered for the Sheegra Darshanam 10 years back. They make the lines to enter the Sheegra Darshanam , the sarvadarshanam, and sudarshan longer and longer, without loss of any business and reserve shorter routes for the more 'esteemed' customers/devotees. Can elucidate more on this, will do that in a separate post, as am very sleepy now. Shall write about the WC final as well.

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